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Production facilities - a complex of industrial buildings, total area 95 000 m2, located in the city limits at the intersection of Golovna str. and South District Road, in Chernovtsy city, Ukraine.

Availability of public transport:

Trolleys № 3, 3A, 6, 6A.

Buses №  1, 1A, 11, 12, 20, 30, 38.

Car access from South District Road.


The complex of industrial buildings with repair and without.

Main characteristics of the same facilities in repair:


Total area - 3825 m 2

Useful floor space of 3200 m 2

Administrative and household 625 m 2 


Specifications of industrial premises:

Local heating system: infrared gas lamps with automatic support for temperature.

Sanitary and drinking water.

Drain system.

Industrial floor.

Ceiling height 4.5m., communicating floor above the 2m height.

Suspended ceiling made of aluminum.

The walls are lined with granite.

Finished bathrooms

Windows with aluminum frame

Ventilation: air-exhaust

Permissible load on the floor - 500-1000 kg / sq. m


Electric Power: 3-d level, the power of 3000 kW, a new equipment of accounting and security.

24-hour security building

Fire alarms


Administrative offices:

Local heating system: gas heaters


Standard office renovation:

- The ceiling with lighting 
- The laminate floor
- Decoration of columns and walls around the perimeter 
- Ceiling height 3.2 meters 
- Finished bathrooms

- Electric

- Digital telephone lines.


Terms & Conditions:


Rent depends on the leased area and is from 20 grn./m2 

Extras: electricity, gas, water.





Address: Ukraine, 58032, Chernivtsi, st. Golovna, 246
Phone: (0372) 585 268, 586 110
Fax: (0372) 586100

About Us

Currently, the company offers a unique, cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need to lease office or warehouse. The advantage is that these facilities are located within the same complex.

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