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Business Park "Quartz" - is a 60 acre area on which located the industrial, office, warehouse and commercial buildings with total area of 150 000 m2. For your business, we offer modern office space, large manufacturing plants, warehouses, and the protected area with the all necessary energy.

Business Park "Quartz" located on convenient vehicle crossing at Golovna street  in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 30 km from the border of the European Union and 400 m distance from Custom terminal.


In the 12-floor business building is, for your service, 4000 m2 of office space, a large parking lot for 100 cars, with comfortable races, bicycle parking, digital telephony, internet, bank, security, CCTV, cafe, ATM.


The large industrial buildings includes electricity substation, water, gas, changing-rooms, bathrooms, internet access and phone station, cafe for employees.


Warehouse building area of over 5000 m2 with convenient access and protected.


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Address: Ukraine, 58032, Chernivtsi, st. Golovna, 246
Phone: (0372) 585 268, 586 110
Fax: (0372) 586100

About Us

Currently, the company offers a unique, cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses that need to lease office or warehouse. The advantage is that these facilities are located within the same complex.

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